A lot of men find discipling their wives intimidating. If you look at my wife and I you will see a husband that is punching far above his weight in so many areas. My wife is more intelligent and more godly than I am and so it is easy to think that I can’t disciple her. But, if I think this way, it shows that I don’t understand what discipleship is. Discipleship isn’t me imparting my knowledge to someone else, it is helping them see who Jesus and what he has done for them again and again and talking about how that applies to our lives. How do I do this with my wife you may ask? Kate and I do three things together:

1) Once a week Kate and I read the Bible and pray together. We work through a book of the Bible reading one chapter at a time and discuss it and then we share prayer points pray for each other. If you don’t do this why don;t you pick a time next week and start. Start with one of the gospels and go from there. It doesn’t have to be massively in depth it just has to happen.

2) Once a week we have an in depth conversation covering things like how we are doing individually, how we are doing in our marriage, how we are doing with God and how we are doing with church. This helps me to get where Kate is at spiritually and emotionally so I can care and pray for her.

3) Every night (usually before we go to bed) we share three things we are thankful for from our day and I pray for us. We do this because I want our family to be biased to see the positive things God is doing more than the negative things that are happening in our lives.

Three things, it is really that simple. The question is not whether it is hard or not it is whether you are going to work time to disciple your wife into your schedule. If you are married, you are called to lovingly lead. If you aren’t leading your family today is the day to start. Go and make it happen!

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