I was in my interview for Moore College. They had asked me to put down the Christian/theological books that I had read and I did. My interviewer asked me about one of them and I froze. I didn’t remember the argument in the book. I went bright red and he wondered aloud whether I had even read the book!

If you are anything like me you find it hard to retain the information in the books you read. This can be discouraging as it sometimes is hard to justify reading if you don’t remember what you have read.

Well here is how I get around this issue. I have a note taking app called Evernote in which you can write separate notes and the group certain notes together called “notebooks”. If I read a great sentence, paragraph or chapter about an idea like love I create a note in my “Illustrations” notebook entitled love and note down where I can find the reference. So next time I a writing a sermon and I need illustrations on love I can go to the note which will take me to the page in the book I made a note of and I have my illustration.

I do this too for passages of the Bible. If I find an author particularly helpful on Ezekiel 16 for example. I create a notebook in Evernote entitled Ezekiel and create a note called Ezekiel 16 and next time I preach or write something in Ezekiel 16 I check out my Evernote app, I go to my Ezekiel 16 note and find the parts of the books that have referred to this passage helpfully and I have got extra fodder for my study.

The other thing I do to make my reading count is if I read a good book I recommend the book to five people. If the person I recommend the book to goes to Resolved I usually ask if they want me to get them a copy of it. This is another way of discipling my congregation by making sure they have great books in their hands

The last thing I do is write quick reviews on my blog. This is hopefully helpful to people who, like me, hate to spend good money on bad books.

What do you do to make your reading count?

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