Most of us want to read more but we have got so many things to do. Here are some things that you can do to help you read more:

1. Block out time

We don’t read because we don’t plan to read. I block out 1 hour each morning to read. That means I have to go bed an hour earlier and get up an hour earlier. To block out reading time you have to not spend some time on something else. What can you get rid of that will give you half an hour of time? Can you not watch that TV show that you only kind of like? Can you limit your time on social media and use that time to read?  The only reason a pastor or a leader in Christian ministry doesn’t read is that they haven’t blocked out time.

2. Carry a book or two around with you at all times

I don’t know how many hours a year I spend waiting for people or meetings or on public transport. So, being the good boy scout that I am, I am always prepared with a book or two to read. It is amazing the amount you can read if you read on your daily commute. Now I don’t read very dense books on my daily commute or when I am waiting for someone because for those books I need to be a in a quiet place with very little distraction but that doesn’t mean I can’t read a lighter book that will I will still profit from.

3. Read books with other people

I find that reading a book with someone that I am meeting in disciplining relationship is a great use of my time and forces me to block out time to read the book we are reading. You could even start a theological book reading group with people at church and this will force you to read more too. Some of the books I have loved reading with people are:

What is Reformed Theology?: Understanding the Basics by RC Sproul

The Prodigal God by Tim Keller

The Holiness of God by R.C Sproul

Humility: True Greatness by C.J Mahaney

Knowing God by J.I Packer

And here are some of the books I am hoping to read with people at Resolved this year:

The Gospel at Work: How Working for King Jesus Gives Purpose and Meaning to Our Jobs – Sebastian Traeger and Greg Gilbert

Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book about a (Really) Big Problem by Kevin Deyoung

Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands: People in Need of Change Helping People in Need of Change by Paul Tripp

A Praying Life: Connecting With God In A Distracting World by Paul E. Miller

If you block out time to read, keep a book with you and read it when you are waiting and on public transport and start reading books with others at church you will be amazed at how much you can read in one year!

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