I don’t get women. I am married to one and I love her heaps. But there are little things that happen where I realise how little I get women.

Can I hear an ‘Amen’ from my brothers reading this blog?

See, I am not sure if it is that women are from Venus and I am from Mars or Pluto or wherever. I think it is all to do with how we think. As a dude my thoughts regarding how I feel about one thing usually don’t determine how I think, feel and react about something else.

But with women it is a whole other story.

Because everything is connected!

I learnt this when I was 18.

I was going out with this girl who was a lot of fun and one Friday I had prepared this date for us to go out on. She knew that we had the date on and I knew that she would love what we were doing. I went over to her place to pick her up to go on our date and she said words I will never forget.

“I don’t want to go because I just watched Party of Five and Bailey is drinking again and I am sad!”

Now I thought what does Bailey drinking on Party of Five have to do with us going out on a date?


Because everything is connected!

One of the curious things I have seen as I read and study theology and I talk with people about theology is that:

Everything is connected

To me it is not surprising that Rob Bell ends up where he does on universalism because of the conversations that he has had in his earlier books and DVDs. Some of the things that Bell said in his earlier books are biblical and beautifully communicated while other things that he espoused were communicated beautifully but lacked biblical truth.

Why did Bell end up as a Universalist?

Because everything is connected

In Velvet Elvis he espouses a heavily modified view of scripture and truth. I am sure it was these doctrines of scripture and truth that opened him up to other views on hell and the atonement which were different and led him away from biblical truth.

Why is this so?

Because everything is connected

But do you realize that what happened to Bell can happen to you?

Have you ever thought that if you modify your doctrine of scripture and you deny inerrancy how that will affect your view of revelation?

Have you ever thought that if you change your view on hell that will change your view on God’s judgement and will flow over to how you speak about the cross?

Have you ever thought that if you change your view of justification it will change the way you articulate the gospel?

Because it will


Because, theology is like how a woman thinks.

Everything is connected


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