When you come across ideas worthy of your time and energy, it is important to know which assurances you need – and which you don’t – before you decide to take the plunge. You don’t need (nor will you ever have) all the answers, but you do not need to feel that the risk of giving it a go is less than the risk of not trying. You don’t need to see a finish line in sight, but you do need enough momentum to stay afloat.

In Anne Lamott’s international best seller Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Lifeabout the art of writing, she cites a quote by the award- winning America author E. L. Doctorow on what it is like to write a novel. “It’s like driving a car at night,” Doctorow proclaims. “You never see further than your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.”

Along the journey to turn ideas into action, you must keep up the momentum, even if you can only see a few yards ahead. Most entrepreneurs will admit that having a masterful business plan is overrated. What matters most is your ability to keep moving and pushing your ideas forward, yard by yard.

Scott Belsky, Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality, 212-213


What makes a leader? Many things. But one of the distinguishing marks of a leader is that you make things happen, or, as Belsky says “What matters most is your ability to keep moving and pushing your ideas forward, yard by yard.” You can have the right theology but if you cannot build structures and strategies so that theology can impact others that theology won’t help many people. You may have a great plan but it is no good if that plan isn’t executed. You may be able to see the flaws in everything that comes across your desk or computer screen but if you don’t make anything happen you will just be a critic and critics aren’t leaders.

Leaders make things happen

Leaders execute

Are you a Leader?

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