I love you more today than when I said “for better for worser”

I love how you make me better in every way.

I love how do an amazing job of encouraging me when I’m down, rebuking me when I need it, laughing at me when I need humbling and being a constant source of fun and joy in my life.

I love how you are an amazing mother two both Emma and Niels. It is a testimony of how good of a mother you are that all Emma wants to be is a mum!

I love how you are passionate about Jesus and an amazing encouragement to the girls who call Resolved their spiritual home.

I love how you put the interests of others before yourself.

I think God for you every day. Other than the gospel, you are the most obvious evidence of God’s grace in my life. I can’t wait to love you for the rest of our lives. “For richer for poorer. For better for worser.”

Kate and I


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