One of the biggest fears Christians have is stepping outside the plan God has for their life. This is especially true with work. “What if I want to be a dancer and yet God wants me to be a missionary?” Someone may ask and this type of questions typifies this fear.

The solution to this conundrum is the trusting in the providence of God. Trusting in the providence of God means that God is using all things to bring about his plans and purposes and therefore we can trust him because he has got it all under control. R. Paul Stevens applies the doctrine of the providence of God to our work in this way:

By contrast, divine providence asserts the directional and purposeful character of human history and personal destiny. It means that God is even more interested in our life‐purpose than we are. As in the case of Esther and Mordecai, our lives are not a bundle of accidents. On the contrary, there is a divine providence at work in even seemingly meaningless or mundane moments.

The above understanding of God’s providential ordering of our lives should stimulate confidence, gratitude and faith.  It means that God intends to bring the whole human story to a worthy end. This is reason enough to inspire hope and risk‐taking. It means that even mistakes get incorporated into God’s overall purpose. Career decisions are rarely irrevocable. To recognize this is to reduce the weight of decision making. We are saved from arrogant egoism and cringing fear. A saying attributed to Soren Kierkegaard, the Danish philosopher, strikes a deep resonance with our experience: life is lived forward but understood backwards. Looking backwards we can see the hand of God.

R. Paul Stevens, Work Matters: Lessons from Scripture, 76


If God is sovereign that means whatever we will do is part of God’s plan for us. This doesn’t give us license to be reckless with our lives but to trust God and not live under the weight and potential guilt of having to choose “The perfect job that God would have me do right now”.

Choose something you love to do for work and work at it with all your might to the glory of God and relax because God has got it all under control.

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