There is a constant temptation around us to live and work for things that don’t last.

We live and work to be popular

We live and work to have money

We live and work to be in a relationship

We live and work to be sexy

There is always a constant temptation to live for these things that may be good things, but the problem is we make them ultimate things. Our lives become defined by these things.

I sometimes wonder what questions Jesus is going to ask of us when we get to see him face to face?

I don’t think he is going to ask:

How popular were you?

How much money did you have?

Did you get that sexy boy/girl to like you?

Was your body really hot?

I think he may ask

Did you live for me?

Every moment of every day did you live for me?

Take stock of your life now. Are you living for him every moment of every day? If Harold Camping was off by a few days and Jesus came back now and he asked you

Did you live for me? What would you say?

Yes, or

No, but I am sexy!


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