The role of Christians in business, then, is to reinforce the truth of Easter. The Resurrection stands as a vital reminder that God has absolute authority , not the structures, institutions and worldviews of our day. These structures and institutions remain important. They were designed originally for the good of humanity. To achieve this good, however, they must return to their more modest, subservient roles for which they were originally intended.

Thus, a Christian can embrace free markets, capitalism and the institution of business as structure that give order to God’s world and provide a framework in which it can flourish. At the same time, anyone who lives this side of Easter must consistently affirm in word and deed that only God has the right to claim our ultimate allegiance, and that these structures and institutions deserve our respect and obedience only in their subordinate role. Put differently, the purpose of Christians in business is to serve their God and to do so by enabling their communities to flourish. Free markets and capitalism are to be affirmed insofar as they support and nurture this service. They are to be resisted when they seek to assert authority over and against the God who created them.


Why Business Matters to God: (And What Still Needs to Be Fixed) by Jeff Van Duzer, 149


What do you think? I would especially love to hear from Christians in business sectors on this one.

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