A lot of people say that the Bible is a rule book and you read it and get all of God’s rules. Now there are rules in the Bible sure but I don’t think that encapsulates what the Bible is.

Other people see the bible as a road map for life and there are maps in certain Bibles but I don’t think the that is accurate.

In Revelation 19:1-10 we are in the front row of a wedding. The bride is the people of God and God is the groom. If we take this metaphor of marriage and apply it to the story of the Bible then the Bible turns out to be a love story. In fact the greatest love story the world has ever known! Here is the story of the God’s love. In his wanting to show how loving he is God created the world to be a beautiful and amazing place. He created humans to be in his image and we were meant to be swept up in the joy of being loved by the most loving and beautiful person in all of existence. But instead of basking in his love we have decided to love other things more than him. We have decided to love the things that he has given us and not him who gives us all good things. We have committed spiritual adultery against God.  And God does not walk away from those he loves but, in love, he sends Jesus to die in our place taking all our sin and shame and guilt away. In spiritual terms God sees us on the side of the road beaten and tired and abused and filthy and at the cross, he forgives us, he cleans us up, he gives us a new standing with him, he shows us once again how much we are loved. And one day he will come back for his bride finally. Whether you acknowledge it or not God loves you passionately and relentlessly. I read a Bible called The Jesus Storybook Bible to my daughter Emma and here is how it describes God’s love: God’s love is a never stopping, never giving up, unbreaking, always and forever love. What an awesome description of God’s love.

That is the love that he has for you!!!

But some of you who are reading this have hearts that are breaking because you feel that you don’t have anyone that truly loves you. Maybe you are single and you are wanting someone to love you. I know I am married but I once was single and it was very hard. I remember one Saturday night many years ago watching a movie by myself called Loser. It features Jason Biggs and Mena Suvari. The Biggs character, who is the loser, falls in love with the Suvari character and wins her heart. Here I was, alone and watching a movie on a Saturday night and I was thinking at the end of the movie “Even this loser can find love what’s wrong with me?” Being single is hard in a world that is so obsessed with finding the one. Some your hearts are breaking because you think the love that you so desperately want  is absent from your life. But you don’t realise that you are in the greatest love story the world has ever known. It is a love story that stretches back before the creation of the world. It is a love story that stretches forward billions of years into the future. It is a love story that find’s it ultimate display not in blood coloured roses but in blood shed on calvary. You are loved more than you can ever imagine no matter if you remain single for the rest of your days or if you get married tomorrow. And no matter if you get married or not your ultimate, perfect wedding day will not be on earth but in heaven.

Does this love story that you are in fill your heart and capture your imagination?

Unless the amazing love of God becomes your ultimate reality you will always seek love out in others and when you are so desperate for love in this way you may end up with the wrong people who may take you down the wrong path and lead you to worship the wrong things. Your heavenly wedding is going to be better than anything you can experience. If you don’t believe me read Revelation 19:1-10 and see how much joy is there!

Everyone who is reading this is a recipient of a love from God that is is a never stopping, never giving up, unbreaking, always and forever love. The question is are we letting it shape our reality?

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