One of the main ways Christians show that they are saved by grace is by showing love to those less fortunate. Two of our members of Resolved, Tatenda and Sarah Manduku are part of a non profit organisation called Orchard Projects.

They describe their work like this:

“Orchard House Projects is a collection of minds and hearts that believe in using our providence to facilitate change around us.

We believe that we are part of a generation that takes responsibility in addressing social issues in our communities. We believe in starting small, building strong structures. Our ideas are trees planted in the world.

By using our creative talents and abilities we image an Orchard full of fruit, a lasting change and to inspire others.

We strongly believe in transparency and strive to ensure the intended recipients of funds raised, receive as much of the funds as possible. We aim to do this by employing a simple but effective structure.”

Their first project is with the Shammah Children’s Home. You can read about what they are trying to achieve with this project here:!shammah-childrens-home/cnuc

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