Sometimes the Bible talks about the spiritual world in terms of warfare. It pictures Jesus who is the ruler of all creation and Satan who opposes him. The battle is fierce and the prize is humanity. But when Jesus died on the cross he defeated Satan and the war is over (Colossians 2:13-15)

But it is weird don’t you think? How can you say the painful death of Jesus defeated anyone or anything, especially Satan? It comes back to how Satan works. Satan’s primary way of hurting people is not by possessing people and making their heads turn around 360 degrees and making them talk in weird voices and spew green junk out. Throughout the Bible he is called the accuser (Revelation 12:10). One of the things Satan does is he parades your guilt and shame before you and God. Satan tempts us to despair by reminding us of sin and guilt and shame.  Guilt and shame are his biggest and most notable weapons and one he uses them very effectively. But when Jesus died he paid the penalty for your sin, he took away your guilt and your shame. So that if you trust in Jesus he sees you as guilt free, without spot or blemish or stain. Therefore the very game that Satan is playing is over because the very thing that he uses as his chief weapon has been taken from him. If you are a Christian you have no guilt or sin on you. Jesus has taken it away. Completely.

She was sitting across from me tears streaming down her face.  She was telling me how in a moment of desperate loneliness she gave into the pursuit of a certain man in her life. They started going out and after a few months they moved in together. The relationship quickly disintegrated and they broke up and then, because of her loneliness, she started sleeping around. Sometime with guys she knew, sometimes it was with guys she didn’t. All the while she was calling herself a Christian and because she was a Christian she tried so many times to stop.  But something would remind her of what she had done and she felt like a terrible Christian and person so she ran to the arms of another guy for comfort. One of her Christian friends said to her that she had a Jezebel demon in her and she needed an exorcism. She was scared and alone and so she came to me and asked me “Do you think I have a demon?” I told her I didn’t think so but Satan is warring against her.  I told her that Satan is tempting her to despair in her guilt and shame. I told her that Satan is the accuser who wars against her. He wants you to forget who you really are. He wants you to be crippled by guilt and shame and walk away from Jesus. I asked her if she trusted Jesus? She said yes she did. I told her that her guilt has been taken away. Her shame has been taken away Satan has been defeated and she is now guilt free. She stands forgiven all by grace!

I dare say some of you guys are struggling with guilt and shame. You are doing things right now or you have done things in your past that you are ashamed of. You feel like you don’t meet God’s approval. I feel like that too when I think of the shameful things I have done. What am I meant to do in those situations when I am reminded of my sin and my guilt is overwhelming? I remind myself of the cross of how God in his great love for me took away all my guilt and shame.

The great hymn writer said it best. When Satan tempts me to despair and tells me of the guilt within. Upward I look and see him there who made an end to all my sin.

When God made and end to all our sin he defeated Satan once and for all!

Let us rejoice in that!

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