I love Moore college. I love what I learnt there and I have so many life long friends that I made while I was there. I pray for Moore college every week and I am thankful to God for it!

Some people don’t like my Moore College I am not one of them.

Some people write blogs that are hostile to Moore College but this is not one of them.

But I do think Moore College is missing out on an amazing opportunity. Moore College is situated in an awesome location. It is 10 minutes (depending on traffic) from the city, just across the road from Sydney uni where 30 thousand student go every day and is located in the suburb of Newtown, a suburb which is in evident need of the gospel of God.

God has, in his gracious sovereign care, placed Moore College in an amazingly strategic Gospel location.

But here is my question, are the Moore College Students, Faculty and community taking advantage of this great Gospel opportunity before them? How many students and faculty are actually building relationships and sharing the gospel with the people of Newtown and Sydney uni? It would be an absolute shame if someone could graduate college and never build a relationship with a neighbor in Newtown and share the gospel with that person.

The biggest opportunity that Moore college is missing is the opportunity for their students to engage in mission in the local community while they study amazing theology and learn great exegetical and pastoral skills.

Do you agree that Moore College is missing out on this opportunity?

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