We live in a world where you have to be somebody. It matters who you know, what you do, what clothes you wear, how successful you are, what is your career, how fit or hot you look etc.

The twin results of living in this world are tiredness and a loss of identity. We are tired because keeping up with everyone’s expectations of who we are meant to be takes so much effort and concentration. It is tiring always wondering what “they” are thinking or what you “should” be doing. And in the end we forget who we truly are because we are so caught up in being who we think we should be rather than being who we really are.

What is the solution to our dilemma?


Yes, that is all.


Christians believe that when Jesus died on the cross we were given the free gift of a right standing before God. This is what the Bible calls Justification. Justification means that God has declared me righteous. That means I do not have anything to prove or live up to with God because through Jesus I am given a right standing before God. Therefore I am free to be the person God made me to be.

But grace asks us hard questions like:

If grace means I don’t have to prove anything to God who is infinitely the most beautiful and magnificent person in the universe why am I trying to prove myself to others?

If grace means that I am accepted by God why do I so work hard for the acceptance of others?

If only I got how much I am accepted in Christ than I wouldn’t try to prove myself, I wouldn’t try to be something I am not, I would be comfortable being who God wants me to be.

Here is the message I need to keep telling myself: I have nothing to prove to anyone because I am justified by grace

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