If you are a Christian today and you try to tell your friends about Jesus two of the ways your friends will respond to the great news about Jesus is to want to know more or to mock.

It is amazing when our friends want to find out more isn’t it? I hung out with a mate this week and just kept asking questions about Christianity and Jesus.  I am so encouraged in this because I see God working slowly but surely in my friends life.

But I have experienced too many times, as I am sure you have, the mocking that comes from some people towards God and the gospel. How should we as Christians respond to mockery? Firstly we should expect that it will come and don’t take it personally because they are rejecting Jesus not us.  Secondly, we love our mockers. We pray to for our mockers  and we are going to ask God that he would be merciful to them. Why are we going to do that?  Because it is exactly what Jesus did. Jesus as he was dying on the cross was mocked and ridiculed and yet what the words that came out of his mouth were not words of hate but words of love. He prayed to God that he would forgive his mockers (Luke 23:32-39). If you are mocked for being a Christian you are called to love and your love will outlast mockery. Because in the end the love of God will always outlast those who mock.

And lastly as we are mocked we know there is something that is special about Christianity that allows people to mock us. As Ravi Zacharias shows in this brilliant video:

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