The thing one pastoral conversation I seem to have more than any other is about a past sin that a person has committed that is still haunting them. What are we to do about that sin? What are we to think about that sin? Maybe you are reading this blog and you are haunted by past sin. Check out these wise words from Mark Driscoll’s book  Who Do You Think You Are?: Finding Your True Identity in Christ

What deep regrets haunt you? What words have you spoken, deeds have you done, motives have you held, lies have you believed, harm have you caused, people have you grieved, and shame have you carried? What have you done to try to assuage your guilty conscience? Have you sought to deny your sin, blame others for it, minimalize it, hide it, pay God back, or punish yourself for it? How have your efforts failed? In Christ, you are totally, completely, and eternally forgiven. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or will do. Jesus died for it all and lives to forgive it all. You’re forgiven. God doesn’t hold your sin against you, isn’t going to punish you, and loves you in spite of your sin.


Driscoll’s words are powerful and appropriate. Jesus has done it all, he forgives you of your sin and you need to rest in his forgiveness. Take your guilt to the cross and leave it there.

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