Have you ever met a person who knows a bunch of theology but hardly lives it out? Does knowing theology make someone a mature Christian? How can some people (even some pastors) seemingly know the Bible cover to cover and know a lot of theology but don’t seem to love like Jesus or live like him?

I think Paul Tripp in his great book A Dangerous Calling nails these questions in this quote:

Since seminary tends to academize the faith, making it a world of ideas to be mastered (I will write about this at length later in this book), it is quite easy for students to buy into the belief that biblical maturity is about the precision of theological knowledge and the completeness of their biblical literacy. So seminary graduates, who are Bible and theology experts, tend to think of themselves as being mature. But it must be said that maturity is not merely something you do with your mind (although that is an important element of spiritual maturity). No, maturity is about how you live your life. It is possible to be theologically astute and be very immature. It is possible to be biblically literate and be in need of significant spiritual growth.


Paul Tripp A Dangerous Calling

What do you think?

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