Here is a bit of shameless self promotion. The Geneva Push has put out an mp3 of myself and Guy Mason talking about what we would do differently if we were to plant again.

You can download an mp3 Tim Challies latest book The Next Story at Christian Audio

Mission Australia is after warm blankets for the homeless in Sydney. Can your church help?

Dan Kimbal writes a great piece about Universal Reconciliation

The father of the modern day evangelical social justice movement Ron Sider asks “Are you in danger of neglecting evangelism in your passion for social justice?”

Redemption church are giving away some great books. This is a great way of getting people following you on social media!

Tim Challies is reading and blogging about Machen’s  amazing book Christianity and Liberalism. If you have read this book buy a copy and read it with Tim!

Kevin Deyoung has a great post on possible errors in biblical interpretation

This is just an amazing version of the great song Is This Love by Corinne Bailey Rae

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