Robert Gundry has an article in Themelios on The Hopelessness of the Unevangelized which is a great reminder of the biblical truth of hell and judgement. After reading this I wanted to go out and tell someone about Jesus!

I found this blog by Justin and Trisha Davis. It is a blog about keeping your marriage safe, pure and free from adulery. Justin was in ministry and had an affair with a member of staff. This blog is sobering.

Still on marriage, Tony Morgan has been married 20 years and shares 20 tips for your marriage going the distance

A great blog by Perry Noble about Church Decline

Over at Desiring God there is a great video featuring Alan Hirsch speaking on Risk Averse Christians

Did you know that R.C Sproul was thanked in linear notes of a Van Halen album? I didn’t either until I had read this

Here is a great spoof video of Obama talking about Osama. The guy in the video nail Obama!

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